You're not sure what sector you've gotten lost in, or how you got here. All you know is that you're in a spaceship, and there's a whole lot of large rocks floating around. Maybe you should blow them up before they crash into you...

Welcome to Meteoroids, a retro-style re-imagining of the classic arcade game Asteroids. Touch buttons on the sides of the screen control your ship's rotation, engine, and weapon. Destroy all of the meteoroids in a level to advance, while avoiding crashing into them. Be on the lookout for signs of any other life forms, but don't expect them to be friendly!

For an added challenge, try out inertial rotation mode, where your ship continues to spin once you lift your finger off the button. Avoid going too quickly, as your ship is delicate and can only handle so much rotational stress.

  • Asteroids-style shooter. No frills, just a lot of space rocks to destroy.
  • Classic arcade-style gameplay and retro graphics make it feel like the '80s again.
  • Increasingly numerous meteoroids will continue to challenge you level after level.
  • High score list keeps track of your best games.
  • Unique inertial rotation mode providesĀ an extra challenge for skilled players.
  • Requires no permissions and serves you no ads!